Sunday, July 5, 2015

Alaska Has My Heart

This little tiny phrase has stuck with me for many moons.  Just buy the damn ticket.  Figure the rest out later.  This is exactly what went through my head when fantasizing about a trip to Alaska.  My rational mind said that I did not have the money, that I did not have the time to take off work, and that I had way too much on my plate.  But then I got drunk off of red wine on a Sunday night, and that shit went riiiiiiiggghhhhtttt out the window.  Thank God for credit cards!  Plastic is a phenomenal idea, especially the ones with travel points and interest free financing for 18 months....but that is for another day.

I have never wanted for much, material wise.  Well, except for my pickup truck, and that purchase was a little unnecessary and I'll be paying that off until I am 70.  I have always sought travel.  And look, I haven't even left this continent!  This great country we live in is pretty big, and I'm still making my way around these parts. 

With that said, Alaska is f*cking bonkers.  I have never been to a place that literally did not feel real. 

Flat Top Mountain

Flat Top Mountain

Alaska is so majestic because there are so many places that man has not yet put it's footprint on.  70% of the state is not accessible by roads.  This place kind of feels like a secret that not many know about.  And ten days was not nearly enough time to see everything the state has to offer.       

Gotta drink the local booze!

If you're thinking about heading that way, here's a list of the must see's/do's:

  1. Hike Flat Top Mountain in Anchorage
  2. Indulge with some champagne and oysters at The Bubbly Mermaid 
  3. Binge on steak and eggs at Snow City CafĂ© 
  4. Head north to Talkeetna for a day or two and have a cocktail at The Fairview Inn (former brothel, rooms upstairs named after women, drunk Irishmen dancing on tables, best people watching of your life.  Oh, and it's haunted.)
  5. Hike X-Y-Z Lake in Talkeetna
  6. Drive the Seward Highway.  National Geographic has named it one of the most beautiful routes in the world.
  7. Stay in a little cabin in Seward.  Bear Creek Cabins are amaze. 
  8. Stay for a few nights in the Orca Island Cabins.  THIS IS A MUST!!!!!!  Very expensive, but worth every single penny.  See pictures below. 
  9. Hike Mount Marathon and Exit Glacier in Seward   
  10. Binge again on Huevos Rancheros at The Smoke Shack
  11. Drink a local brew and eat the bacon and BBQ pizza at the Moose's Tooth   

XYZ Lakes

Bear Creek Cabin

Seward Harbor

kayaking in Humpy Cove

View at the Orca Island Cabins

I'm so obsessed with this place that I immediately started looking at real estate in Resurrection Bay when I got home.  Plus my PED's (post event depression) were in full swing so a little day dreamin' can't hurt. 

I'm thinking about the next adventure.  Where else is amazing?!?!  And I'm looking for travel partners....any takers??


Sidenote:  Organoblondes is kind of a lie right now because I am currently a weird shade of brown/red/blonde.  Hooker blonde is a few months away.  Don't worry, Lauren is holding down the fort on the bleach front.   

Monday, January 12, 2015

Crack Juice (AKA vegetable juice) Is My New Best Friend

My juicer came in the mail the other day...ohhhhhhmygod.

I purchased the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer.  It's a middle-of-the-road juicer, coming in at about $60.00.  For a beginner like me, that will do.  Some day I'll spring for one of those fancy ones, but this will do the job for now!

I have to say, I'm officially addicted to crack juice.  Yah...that's how you'll feel after one of these bad boys.  Maybe it's all in my head, but I felt like a friggin' rockstar all day after juicing some fruits and veggies first thing in the morning.  I literally had more energy, was in a better mood, and managed to stay up past 10:00pm!  Crack juice is where it's at, ya'll!!

You'll find my recipe below.  But seriously, just buy a ton of fruits and veggies and juice that 'ish.  You'll feel amaze.


2 salad cucumbers
1 Fuji apple
1 red beet
2 carrots
1 handful of spinach
3-4 mint leaves
1/5 of a pineapple

A few side notes.  Try to keep sugary fruits to a minimum.  I am trying to stick with apples, lemons, limes, and small amounts of pineapple.  Surprisingly, beets and carrots add a lot of sweetness naturally, so those are great alternatives.  Secondly, juice on a empty stomach.  Absorption is best at this time and you'll avoid any heartburn that might occur when you juice after a heavy meal.   

Go on and get your juice on, peeps!