Friday, November 1, 2013

What's Your Excuse?

Hey friends! Long time no see. I wont bore you with lamesauce excuses about my extended leave of absence from the blog. I'm just jazzed to be back! And I'm here with a topic that I really can't get off my brain.

So I'm a few weeks behind on the buzz surrounding this topic: Maria Kang, the "hot Facebook mom" who has swirled up quite a bit of controversy with this here photo:

I wanna party with the 3 year old
Just like the rest of America, my jaw absolutely dropped when I saw this. Is this chick for real?? How is this even humanly possible? I immediately felt pangs of jealously, and automatically started rattling off my own excuses: I have a demanding corporate career, my nights are eaten up with baby-dinner-bath-bed-chores-more work-yadda yadda. I'm not sleeping well so I'm too tired to work out. Sorry I don't have 6 hours a day to work out like you. Must be nice to be a stay-at-home mom, and do push-ups at the park while your kids play. You're probably a pretty miserable person who has no friends and B.O. Sorry that xylophone abs are not my #1 priority, but I'm just not that shallow.
But then I thought....
....why do we women do this? Why do we put other women down when we feel bad about ourselves?
IF I felt great about my body, we would be kindred spirits. You go girl! You earned it! Health is important for longevity, and feeling good about yourself feeds your spirit. You're taking excellent care of yourself, which is a sign of love for your family. You're giving them the best possible version of yourself, inside and out. You are investing your time in something that has measurable impact on your day-to-day life. That rocks.
Being in good shape (whatever that means to you) is so much more than just vanity. But for a second, lets start with vanity. Most of us can relate to this: think about how you feel in your skinny jeans. You wear them out, and you have that swagger. You smile slightly more when you talk, which (subconsciously) leads to more lively conversation. Because you feel good, you probably compliment others a bit more. The difference in your vibe may be imperceptible on the surface, but it makes a real difference in the energy around you. I may sound hokey, but Leigh and I believe that energy is everything. So looking good = feeling good, I'm not breaking new ground there...but the ripple effect is that you will probably make others feel good too, without even trying.
Anyone remember Miranda in her skinny jeans?
I'm not saying you have to look like Maria Kang. Not at all. What matters is how you FEEL, and your swagger. Someone who used to weigh 300 and now weights 220 is going to have some major swagger. You don't have to be a twig. I know women who don't have perfect bodies who are legit MAN MAGNETS because they put off that mojo.
So my point on all this is: if having a hot body is going to give you mojo, then sister, you must go for it. Your life will be better and the lives of those around you will be better if you feel good. And that includes the lives of your kids. Nobody benefits from a wompy mommy. I'm not saying you have to be a hardbody, but whatever it takes to get that spring in your step....GET IT! For Maria Kang, it's the xylophone abs. For me, its my skinny jeans. I'm pretty sure a day that I get to wear those is a day my husband and daughter are going to get a springy version of me. That's the payoff - the ripple effect.
Plus - in a world of chaos, where so much is out of our control...your fitness level is something you can take control of, and the dividends are quite high. In terms of daily happiness, what other thing can you do that will produce such a high return on your investment? If I work an extra hour a day, I'll likely feel more stressed/drained, and (in my line of work) wont see more money as a result anytime soon...low return. If I clean for an hour every day...that's a medium return. A tidy house = somewhat less stress, I suppose. If I exercise an hour a day, I physically look and feel great the other 23 hours a day. HIGH return. Plus, remember that me in a good mood puts others in a good mood. Exponential return.
Now, lets talk for a moment about the PR of her message. "What's Your Excuse?" I'll give you's a little accusatory. I mean, she's imploring you to literally think of your excuse, and that's what's in the front of your mind. She's no dummy though - that tone is what caused it to go viral, so I'm thankful she used it to get the message out. I wish it was a tad more encouraging though. Like "This could be you!" or "It's easier than you think!" But would people have paid nearly as much attention?
I'd be remiss not to mention the backlash her photo generated. I don't blame people for reacting (hell, I obviously did) but consider redirecting your energy into something positive. Like getting your ass to the gym and then acting smug because you went.
In case you are wondering how she achieved this, her FAQ page is just awesome. She does not work out six hours a day, have a nanny, or have particularly good genes. She just makes it a priority, and I have mad respect for her unapologetic explanation of how she makes it work.
So, do I practice what I preach? I'm starting to! After being skinnyfat for several years, I've decided to invest in myself. I want that swagger. Though I may not be technically "overweight" muscles are flaccid and unused, I have a doughy new-mom bod, and feel like lethargo the clown much of the time. So, this is another full post for another time, but I'm OBSESSED with Title Boxing. And that shizzle works!! You get to hit the crap out of a giant bag while bouncing around to Luda. It's the only workout I've ever actually enjoyed. Ever. Super high return on investment.
Starting to get that mojo back!
So - how did the hot Facebook mom make you feel? What to you do to keep that mojo?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Blessings

Last week I celebrated 28 years on this crazy earth, and man, it was a WHOLE lot of celebrating.  Five days in a row to be exact.  Thanks friends and family for killing my liver and expanding my waistline!  Although I am fully aware of the blessings around me, it's times like these that really make me realize how lucky I am.  Every year around this time I reflect back on the blessings that have been given to me over the past 12 months and the things that I am grateful for.  Here's just a few: 

  1. I have been able to travel.  I caught a concert in West Virginia, saw my family in Charlotte, was in my best friend's wedding in Charleston, painted the town red in Nashville, and stuffed my face with cannoli's in name a few. 
  2. I have reconnected with old friends who have been life savers over the last year.  Never turn someone down when they say, "let's catch up!".  
  3. I have a man who not only bought me a gun for my birthday (ummm...keeper!) but patched and rotated my tires with his own hands for me because I'm lazy and didn't get it done myself.  Lucky me.  
  4. My sister and I started this little blog which has brought us closer than we've ever been!
  5. I'm livin'...and that's all you can really ask for.

Lisa and I at the Rascal Flatts concert on Wednesday, compliments of J. 

My best friend Lori's collage for me.  Oh lordy! Blast from the past!

Cheers friends!

I promise, we're back on the organo train this week!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Getting Hit With The Happy Stick

Do you ever have moments, weeks, months where you feel like everything is going your way?  I woke up with that feeling this morning and I'm kind of cracked out on happiness right now.  Oddly enough, I worked 12 hours yesterday and 18 the day before and face-planted into my pillow last night the second I got home.  What gives?    

First, I'm still on a high from my weekend in Charlotte.  It was just such a phenomenal three days, filled with love and family, and deep, really deep conversations.  Oh, and booze.  Dylan's first birthday party was on Saturday and I spent the rest of the weekend hanging with the ones I love.  Lauren and I got all dolled up and hit the town for a little Sunday Funday, and despite our many crazy nights in the past, this one was just...different.  The bars were empty and the food was so-so and it was still one of the best times I've had in a long time.  There is something special about the relationship between siblings, and it has been years in the making for Lauren and I.  We have developed a deep friendship filled with crazy times, tears, respect, and brutal honestly, and I am grateful.  I boarded the plane with a heavy heart, wishing I could stay just a day or so longer.

You two look alike...are you sisters?
Truthfully though, I was hit with the happy stick about a year ago, and I remember the exact moment.  I was driving to work in the early morning.  Do you ever have those mornings where you just need silence, where even the radio is too abrasive for your ears?  So, I drove alongside the river in silence and my mind started wondering.  I had just booked three trips (Charlotte, NYC, and Texas), Lauren just had a baby, and I had gotten a second job and now had some extra pocket change.  I'd also reconnected with a few old friends.  Life was really effing good at that moment.  More and more things kept entering my mind.  I'd recently lost a little weight, work was going good, and I'd moved into a sweet new apartment.  The happy stick whacked me upside the head and I literally started crying.  Is that creepy?  I started crying because I was SO happy.  Shit got real after that day, and I've experienced some amazing things in the last year.  So today, I'm going to give you a little insight on what got me here, and how you too can drink the happy juice.

  1. Stop thinking so much - I come from a family of strong, independent, type-A women.  This has been a blessing and a curse.  I have tendencies to worry, over analyze and second-guess myself.  Let me tell you right now, ain't nobody got time for that!  I cannot think of a time where this has gotten me anywhere.  So red light that shit right now!  I am not saying to not think before you speak, or not think about making the best decision possible, just simply to stop worrying about what you can't change.  "Worrying is like a rocking chair.  It gives you something to do but it won't get you anywhere".
  2. Give - This is by far the easiest thing to do, and there are so many ways to do it.  Pay someone a compliment.  Front the $2 toll fee for the person behind you.  Donate to a charity.  Volunteer.  Commit a random act of kindness.  Do not say to your neighbor, "come back tomorrow and I'll give it to you" when you have it with you now. - proverb.
  3. Do what you love - Sounds simple, right?  But in the chaos of our daily lives, we forget to take those moments and enjoy what makes our hearts full.  I LOVE to travel, so I got a second job to pay for my habit.  I'm obsessed with the country, so I take long drives on the weekends.  I enjoy a good steak, a glass of wine, meaty bacon, cowboy boots, a good country song, and a strong cup of coffee.  So, I indulge in those things as often as possible.  What makes you tick?  "Do what you love, and don't look at the clock".
  4. Put energy into the friendships that matter - I am lucky to have really, really great friends.  Most of my friends have spread to the four winds, but we stay close regardless.  Call your friends just to talk, not solely when you need advice.  Listen more than you speak.  Be the friend that you would want to have.  Have you ever met someone who is just ridiculously awesome at being a friend?  Although I have a few, my friend Lisa comes to mind, because we have recently reconnected.  She texts me to tell me to have a great weekend when I go out of town, she is ALWAYS available when I need to vent, and she absolutely always puts others first.  I am in awe of her good heart and caring spirit and am really grateful I get to spent my time with a person like her.  "As we grow up, we realize that it is less important to have lots of friends, and more important to have real ones".
  5. Learn from your mistakes - Oh, so much easier said than done.  This has been a work in progress for me.  It was not until I applied this that things changed for me.  Doing the same thing over and over again will not result in a different outcome, it just makes you crazy.  Mistakes are great.  I eff up all the time!  Just allow the experience to help you grow and move forward.  "Only a fool trips over things that are behind him".      
  6. Drop the baggage - Get out of a relationship that is not working for you, quit the dead end job.  Stop hanging out with that friend who brings you down.  "Don't bring the baggage of an ex-relationship into your next relationship unless you want it to be a short trip".
  7. Stop taking things so seriously - You got a flat tire and were late to work.  You didn't get the job you interviewed for.  That guy never called you back after your first date.  If these are the worst things to happen to you, you've got it made.  The less you focus on these things the less of a nuisance they become in your life.  "Don't take life too seriously.  No one gets out alive anyway".  
  8. Understand that people will hurt you - In your life you may be lied to, cheated on, talked down to, and let down by someone you trust or love.  You cannot control the actions of others, just how you react to them.  Do not allow yourself to think the actions of others is a reflection of your self worth.  "He who angers you, enslaves you".    
  9. Quit judging others - This is actually really hard.  Humans tend to be opinionated and self-centered, thinking it's their way or the highway.  How you live is not how everyone needs to live.  What works for you doesn't work for everyone else.  Stop the negative, judgy talk.  It's useless.  "Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are".   And a second one for kicks..."Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
  10. Love without ego - I saved the best for last.  Give love, do favors, pay compliments, and put others first without expectation of repayment.  Love because it feels good.  Do not try to manipulate, gain control, or play games.  This will not make you feel good.  And who has time not to feel good?  "You never lose by loving.  You always lose by holding back".   

That's it for today my friends.  Have a wonderful weekend.  And as always...


Monday, September 16, 2013

Should You Drink Milk?

After a bit of a hiatus from the blog (during which Leigh heroically carried the team with her awesome posts), I decided to make my comeback with a topic that's uber-relevant to me right now: Milk. Specifically if we should be feeding it to our bebes.

Dylan is just days away from turning one, and conventional wisdom tells me I should start giving her sippy cups with cow's milk...but I'm not convinced I can go there. I've learned things about milk and the dairy industry that I just can't unlearn, and I'm astounded by it all.

Oh hey Mom. I'm ready for my sippy cup.

This is a brief overview of the myriad issues with milk. Each of these topics could be a full article in itself (and certainly is out on the interwebs), but I'm attempting to show you the high points. Or low points, as it seems.

Growth Hormones
You may or may not have heard that dairy cows are treated with hormones that help them produce more milk. You may have even seen it labeled on milk cartons: rBGH or rBST. Have you stopped to wonder what these are? I figured they were whack and totally avoided them, but once I took the time to research I realized it was even worse than I thought. These hormones cause cows to produce 10-15% more milk, but also causes horrifying health problems like cystic ovaries, uterus disorders, and mastitis (a painful udder infection). This last one is particularly disgusting because infected cows secrete pus and blood into the milk, a certain amount of which is allowed to be sold by FDA standards. Yum!! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Organo Roundup

Happy Labor Day Weekend organopeeps!!  I'm checking out for the next three days. How about you?  Here's our weekly organo(ish) roundup!! 

Let's talk eggs for a hot second.  I've eaten eggs for breakfast almost every morning for the last decade.  They happen to be my other creepy obsession, second to bacon.  But the incredible edible egg is NOT created equal.  Jon raises chickens so I've been feasting on freshly laid, free-range eggs lately, and I must say they are amazeballs.  So, are they really THAT much better, and better for you?  Here's a few little facts:
  • Studies show that eggs from pasture-fed-free-range hens contain one-third the cholesterol and one-fourth the saturated fat of "conventional" (AKA caged) eggs.
  • They have more vitamin A, E, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They have access to a more natural diet rather than simply chomping on chicken feed.  This benefit translates to healthier chickens, and more nutritious eggs.
I'm sold.  I recommend buying from a local farmers market but if you don't have access to one, my favorite brand is Organic Valley Cage-Free Eggs.

Lauren posted last week that she lost three pounds from cutting out a few hidden calorie bombs (frapps, a whole avocado everyday...etc).  I was inspired!!  I have my own vices too.  Lady likes her happy hours!  Also, I have a bad habit of eating late at night at work.  This is never good, as we only have pre-packaged snack foods.  So, for the last week or so I've cut out the booze, ate a larger but healthier dinner so I wouldn't be hungry at work, and fit in a little unintentional exercise (taking the stairs, walking on breaks).  The scale tells me I've lost two pounds.  I'll take it!  I can't make any promises this weekend.  I see a vodka and red bull in my near future.

We had the opportunity to guest post this week for the lovely ladies at I Don't Go To The Gym!  Check out our ridic summer smoothie recipe on their site here.  Ummm...this smoothie is seriously cray cray!  Hop on over and creep on their blog for a minute.  Seriously, these girls are hot and know how to work it in the kitchen. 

This is totally not organo but how cute is this cake?  I called the wonderful peeps at Piece of Cake in the Short North (downtown Columbus for all my locals) and asked them to make me a fishing-themed cake.  This is what I got.  Say whatttt?!?!?!  I was so impressed!  The bottom layer was vanilla bean with strawberry filling and the top was chocolate.  So. Effing. Good. 


That's it for now!  I'm headed up to the lake for the weekend.  What are your holiday weekend plans???


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Banana Ice Cream and Cookies

So, I know a girl who needs to start a blog. 
The fact I don't get to read stuff like this every day is just not right. 
My friend Jennifer a) offered to write a guest post and b) freakin brought it. This post is hilarious, legit informative, and appeals to moms and banana lovers alike. Let's meet the woman behind the post:

Jennifer is my friend from OU. We were proud members of Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity, and were meathead corporate mavens in the making. Check her out now...holy hot family alert!

Without further adieu, I give you Jennifer's blogging debut, brilliantly entitled "The Top Two Most Fun Things I’ve Done With A Banana—And That’s Saying Something."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting to Know the OB Chicks: Leigh

Hey ya'll!  We've been seeing these little lists pop up in the blogsphere and thought it was a cute idea for you guys to get to know us better!  So, here's 25 little facts about myself!

  1. I'm OBSESSED with country music.  Like, to creepy levels.  I saw my favorite guy, Brantley Gilbert, in Texas, West Virginia, Charlotte, and Ohio (three times) in the last year. 
  2. I've worked in a bar for the better part of the last decade.  I really should get paid more for being a therapist, relationship counselor, life coach, and shoulder to cry on.  It is amazing what strangers will tell you!  But hey, it makes my job interesting.
  3. I get all my meat, vegetables, and eggs delivered to me from a farm out in Johnstown, Ohio.  They are seriously amazeballs.  I've toured the farm, seen how they treat the animals, and met the farmers.  I will never buy from the grocery store again.
  4. I was visiting Boston on the day of the bombings.  Events like that put your whole life in perspective.
  5. I am a proud Ohio State University alumni.  Go Bucks!
  6. I've had the same two best friends forever.  One I met in 1st grade and the other in 7th.  
  7. I'm also obsessed with cowboy boots.  I have 5 pairs.  I would have more, but do you know how much they cost?!  A whole freakin' paycheck!  Geesh.
  8. I've jumped out of a plane. 
  9. My parents bought me a car when I was 15.  I still drive it....12 years later.   Man, if that car could talk. 
  10. Someday I will live in the country and have animals.
  11. I wholeheartedly believe in the teachings of The Secret.  Saying that it changed my relationships, my outlook, and my life really is an understatement.
  12. I once cut my hair off after too much tequila.  Oops.
  13. I moved to Los Angeles after college and lived off of Hollywood Blvd.
  14. In the last year(ish) I have traveled to Texas, California, New York, North Carolina (a million times), South Carolina, Tennessee, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.  Traveling feeds the soul.  Do it as much and as often as you can.
  15. There's this really sweet guy who takes me on drives in the country, feeds me all sorts of bad food, and beats me at corn hole and pool every time.  Someday J, I'll kick your butt!
  16. I am a die hard skincare advocate.  I have a huge phobia of tanning beds and sunburns.  I did some major damage in my teens and have spent my twenties trying to make up for it.
  17. I am a Taco Bell addict.  So much so that I staged my own intervention, and have not had it since December 31st, 2012.  I now make my own organo version at home.
  18. I am trying to learn to play the guitar.
  19. My Norman Rockwell life consists of an old farmhouse, a hot rugged hubby, five boys, and an F-150.  Funny, coming from a girl who grew up in the 'burbs.
  20. I LOVE shooting guns.  I prefer handguns, but I'm getting more comfortable with shotguns and rifles.
  21. I love love.  I have parents who have been married for 36 years and I've seen what a successful and loving marriage looks like.  If my marriage is half as good as theirs, I will come out with the W.
  22. I dyed my hair blonde and got fake nails at 13 and never turned back.
  23. Someday I will not work for "the man", but rather for myself.
  24. Before I go to bed at night, I think of 10 things that I am grateful for.
  25. I believe that what we eat affects our entire life.  I think chemicals are whackballs I avoid them like the plague.

    Don't mess with a girl and her gun.

    Cheering on my Buckeyes in New Orleans!

    Trying to act like I know what I'm doing...

    Rockin the cowboy boots

    There you have it, friends.  A few little quirky things about me.  Stay tuned for some facts about Lauren which are sure to entertain!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Organo Roundup

Happy Friday friends! Time for 5(ish) random Organothings you might be interested in!

Food Babe's post on Trader Joe's rocked my world. I mean...Shawn and I have been saying for ages that TJ's is not an Organoshop. A lot of people have misconceptions that everything from Trader Joe's is organic, when only a small fraction of it is. Apurrently they are a bit shadester about their claim that their branded products are GMO-free.

I might even have to retract my suggestion about Trader Joes's Joe's O's. Sigh.

Exciting news flabby arse lost a few lbs! That's right, I've lost a whopping three pounds, but Mommy is excited about it. I did it by making just a couple simple switches. First, I ditched lattes. Yes, I drank a latte on the daily. It's my "me" moment. But it's also approx. 150 cals, and just not great for you (even if I did switch from cow juice to organic soymilk). You are crazypants if you think I'm giving up caffeine I broke up with Starbucks, bought a $19.99 Mr. Coffee and started drinking strong black coffee in the mornings. Bonus: I'm saving $20+ a week at the 'Bucks. 

I'm just not that into you.

Tactic #2: Cut back on avocados. I KNOW. They are mad healthy. Organopeeps, do not give these up. However, I ate at least 1/2 avocado every morning. I usually macked on another half at some point during the day. I adore them, but it was too much of a good thing. I think 1/2 avocado 1/2 days of the week is a good place to land.

Holy...what the balls is THIS?!

I am trying out a new foundation. I didn't pull the trigger on my cosmetic order, but I did find myself at Target, clutching a paraben-free foundation: Botanics Colour Adjusting Foundation. It's not bad. It's a little thick and not as "glide-y" as some other foundations, but the end result is the same. My wrackne is suitably concealed, and I am happy knowing that my mug is sans parabens all day.

Preview alert: Leigh made a dankalicious summer smoothie that we'll be telling you all about next week. Seriously...I want to take this to the face!!

Do you know about amber teething necklaces? This could be a whole post in itself, but I got one for Dylan this week at The Baby Grocery Store, where an incredibly helpful employee gave me the full rundown. Basically, they don't chew on these, but rather wear them right around the base of their necks. The skin absorbs succinic acid in the amber, which is natural pain reliever. The lighter the amber, the stronger the you know I got my babe this lemonade color. Girlfriend's gums were raw and sharp...and creepily bright red. And guess what. On Wednesday, she cut her first tooth!

Lastly, a rando cute picture of Dylan, playing fetch with our dog, Bacon. One of her last pictures ever as a true gummy bear.

Victory is mine!
What's in the plans for the weekend, my darlings? Shawn and I are busy planning her first birthday party and doing house projects. How about you?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hot Bod: No Gym Necessary

Here at Organoblondes, we are two crazy busy chicks!  I generally clock around 60 hours a week between two jobs, while Lauren has a full-time career, a hubby, and a darling little babe to chase after.  Needless to say, I've become that girl who says she doesn't have time to work out.  Currently, I am only going to the gym on Saturdays and Sundays, and that's only if the night before didn't kill me.  Surprisingly, my weight hasn't changed much except my weird 8-pound weight gain in a week while on vacation (a few days of detox does wonders).  And let me brag a little bit here about my smokin' sister.  She had a sweet little baby less than a year ago and looks hot as balls!!  I'm pretty sure she is at or below her pre-pregnancy weight.  Say what?!?!

Here's the deal.  I'm not willing to give up my favorite foods, because frankly, will power is boring, and life is short.  But there are simple changes that anyone can make so that you can keep (or get) a hot bod without depriving yourself of the good stuff.  We've also linked up with the lovely ladies of I Don't Go To The Gym who have great tips on looking amazeballs without slaving away on the stupid elliptical.  Check them out!

I've put together a list of simple things that Lauren and I like to incorporate into our day to keep the lbs. away!
  1. THE 80/20 RULE IS KEY.  Your bod is a result of 80% what you eat and 20% what you do in the gym.  Let me give you a little analogy.  A large Big Mac combo meal (what I used to order) has 1330 calories.  A chick my weight burns about 300 calories per hour walking.  I would have to walk for 4.5 hours to burn that off!  What the eff!?  You can slam a small cheeseburger, a side salad, and a bottled water for under five hundo.  I'll take the latter.  If you pound some bacon at breakfast, down some greens at dinner.  It's all about moderation, friends.  
  2. DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES.  In a perfect world, my liquids would consist of vodka red bulll, wine, and sprite.  However, last time I checked, beer guts and rotten teeth were not in style.  The average American drinks 45 gallons of soda a year.  That's 39 pounds of sugar!  That's like, the size of a small child!  I only drink water, tea, and coffee throughout the day.  When it comes to booze I try to stick to low-cal options like vodka and soda water (or on the rocks with a splash of lime juice) or my typical vodka with sugar free red bull (I know, I know, it's chem filled, but that's my 20%).  I'll never give up my wine, but I stick to one or two glasses.  Our other sister Mindi sips on tequila straight up and alternates with water.  What a rock star! 
  3. COOK AT HOME.  During the week I make breakfast and a ton of java at home, pack my lunch and snacks for the day, and prepare a healthy meal for dinner.  You'll not only have a few extra bones in your pocket at the end of the week, but you can control your portions, and know exactly what's in your food.  If you want to relax a little on the weekends and eat out, go for it.  Just take half home for leftovers!                
  4. UTILIZE UNINTENTIONAL EXERCISE.  I work on the 5th floor, so I take the stairs.  I take a 15-minute walk around the building twice a day on my breaks (yep, I'm that girl with the dress clothes and tennis shoes).  I park in the back of the parking lot.  I walk wherever I can, whether it's the grocery, the pharmacy, or the bar.  Lauren takes nightly walks with the hubs and Dyl.  She also did throughout her whole pregnancy. 
  5. KEEP A FOOD AND EXERCISE JOURNAL.  I've been doing this for a long time.  I started doing this because I was suffering from severe stomach pain and wanted to track what foods were causing it.  Holding yourself accountable is important.  Having to document that you pounded 12 beers and consumed an entire pizza is not fun.
  6. FIND A WORKOUT THAT YOU ENJOY.  I happen to love hiking and walking.  When I lived in Hollywood I would hike everyday.  Back in Ohio, I take long walks as much as I can.  Find something you like and it won't feel like a chore for you.  Any and all activity is good activity.  
  7. STICK TO THE PERIMETER OF THE GROCERY STORE.  90% of what you need is on the perimeter of the grocery.  You've got produce, dairy, and meats.  Keep processed foods to an absolute minimum.  Generally the only things I buy in the center isles are oats, coffee, tea, and a few condiments.
  8. SLEEP.  I cannot stress this enough as this is the one thing I struggle with the most.  Sleep is key to a well functioning metabolism.  Lack of sleep really effs with your bod.  Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and low libido (eeeeekkk!!).  It also ages your skin, so all the SPF in the world won't do you any good.  Muscles also recover at night, so if you are one who hits the weights often, sleep is crucial.  Lastly, sleep deprivation is associated with depression and lack of motivation.  In other words, you will definitely not be acting like a boss man at work!  Yikes.
  9. DON'T OBSESS ABOUT CALORIES.  I used to count calories like a mad man.  That 'ish is way too time consuming.  Eat clean most of the time, eat until you are comfortably full, make good choices.  If one day you have ice cream for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and chinese for dinner, don't obsess.  Get back on track the next day.  You'll be fine! 
  10. FOOD IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED.  Have you ever heard of the expression "eat well and travel often"?  Over the past few years, Lauren and I have had the pleasure of traveling to some pretty amazing places.  Lauren has sipped wine in Napa Valley and dined on seafood in San Francisco, while I've enjoyed shrimp and grits in Charleston and lunched on authentic barbecue in Texas.  Food is a huge part of our lives.  Enjoy those times when you can try something new.  Experiment with exotic foods whenever you can.  These times can sometimes be few and far between, so relish in them.  Get back to your routine when you get home.                   

Hiking in the Hollywood Hills

You can still catch me on the weekends feeding my red bull addiction, or on any given Tuesday night for that matter.  Life is meant to be fun, filled with good food, strong drinks, and great company.  If you don't think you can have these things and still have a bangin' bod, you've got another thing coming!

I'm truly convinced it is possible to "have your cake and eat it too".  Just not the whole cake. Gotcha? 

Cheers ya'll.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Newman's Own Organics

I'm here to declare my love for Newman's Own Organics. No, this is not a sponsored post - but it just occurred to me today how many of their products we use...and we find virtually each one to be the best in it's product category.

Maybe seeing anything Newman's is some Pavlovian response to the fact I grew up on Newman's Own salad dressing (didn't we all?), and the fact that my mom had/has an epic lifelong crush on Paul Newman.

Dang. He is pretty hot. Get after it Mom.
So Newman's Own Organics division was founded in 1993 by Nell Newman, Paul's Daughter, and became it's own company in 2001. I'm not joking when I say EVERY product I've tried is fabulous. I have found nearly all of these products at my local Harris Teeter, but you can find them by searching the interwebs as well.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cloth Diapering

Despite being an Organomama, I never really considered cloth diapering for Dylan. I am not sure why. I think I was overwhelmed by figuring out how it worked, or scared to touch poo or something. Because I never touch poo on Dylan’s disposables…right?! Well I finally got the full lowdown from two of my beautiful friends, Joanna and Brandy, and I have to say I am sold! We spent a fabulous morning together, watching our babies roll around in a pile, and talking all about the (strangely fascinating) world of cloth diapering!

I think I’ll just let them do the talking. But first, a brief introduction: Joanna and Stella (5 months), and Brandy and Raleigh (7 months)!


Here goes. I warn you, it’s a LOT of info. I couldn’t bear to cut down all the great deets they provided. I figure if you’ve decided to read on, you care about this crap. (literally)  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blue Corn Bison Nachos

Things got a little sexual in the kitchen this week Organopeeps!  Sorry J, you've been replaced by a pound of red meat.  Ummmmmm.......

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of chick.  Staples in the OB household growing up consisted of tacos, burgers, fried chicken, stroganoff, meatballs, and spaghetti with meat sauce.  Every Sunday morning our wonderful parents woke up and spent an hour cooking endless amounts of bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes for the pack of girls who had spent the night before at our house.  Needless to say, meat is my first true love.  I'm sorry vegetarians, but I just can't imagine a life without a rare filet.   

Just saying...

I must confess that I have another creepy obsession: Taco Bell.  I have an unhealthy love for Nachos Bel Grande.  So much so that I staged my own TB intervention and have not had it since December 31st, 2012.  The goal is to stay away from my beloved NBG for one year.  So far I'm eight months in and going strong.  So, I've been making my own version at home.  While wandering aimlessly throughout the grocery store this week I came across some organo bison and a light bulb went off.  Bison effing Nachos!!! Um, I'm getting a little hot and bothered just thinking about it.  This is such an easy recipe, made with mostly organo ingredients and amped up with some sweet bison meat.  And as always, it's bozo-proof.  We can't all be Giada!      

Here are the ingredients:
1 pound of bison
1 packet of taco mix (mine unfortunately was not organic, but they do make them)
A dash of cayenne pepper (that 'ish is good for your metabo, you know)
1 can of organic black beans
1 packet of organic cheese (taco variety, if possible)
Salsa (whatever amount and variety you like)
1 organic avocado
1 packet of organic blue corn tortilla chips
1 change of underwear (just a'll need it after eating this 'ish)

As always, our recipes are really hard, so try to follow along:
Brown bison meat. Drain.
Heat black beans in a separate pan.
Add cayenne and taco seasoning to meat.
Put chips on plate.
Dump amazeballs bison meat on chips.
Top with cheese, beans, salsa, hot sauce and avocado slices.
Slam food.
Yah, that's it.

There you have it peeps.  This will be ready to eat in twenty minutes flat.  And heck, why not make an organic margarita to make this an all around meaty, boozy meal?

And here are just a few tidbits about bison, If I haven't already convinced you to eat this lovely meat.
  • Bison are handled as little as possible.  They spend their lives on grass, with very little time in a feed lot. 
  • They are not subjected to drugs, chemicals, or hormones.
  • Bison is the leanest red meat around, with only 2.42 grams of fat per 3.5 oz. serving.
  • It has the highest iron and B-12 content of all red meat.

Now go and get your eat on ya'll!!



Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Organo Roundup

We're trying something new here at Organoblondes. I mean, it's not a new idea, per se...we totes stole it from every other blog. This is the first of our Friday Organo Roundups, where we'll highlight 5(ish) exciting nuggets we've done or seen during the week. Let's give this a whirl!

I finally tried making a batch of breakfast egg muffins...and I have to say they were quite successful. I made a crapload of them, froze some, and ate them all week (usually with avo and salsa). No particular recipe to reference here. Just grease a muffin pan - I used coconut oil - and drop in some chopped veggies and ham. Bacon would be delicious too. Duh. Pour in some beaten eggs and bake 20-25 mins. 2 muffins with avo and salsa made a pretty perfect breakfast, and saved me 15+ minutes in the morning making scrambled eggs.

This picture actually doesn't do it justice.

Let me shout this one from the rooftops: I FOUND A NATURAL DEODORANT THAT WORKS!!! After reading this Food Babe post about the whack and frankly dangerous ingredients in deodorant, I immediately bought some Tom's aluminum-free deod at Whole Foods. Only problem didn't work at all. Like...I smelled worse. My husband called me out on it, and a self pit-check confirmed I smelled like a dumpster dweller. I also tried Jason's, and same result. So I basically went back to Dove (eek) on the days I worked in the office, and used nothing or Tom's the days I worked at home. Sorry Shawn.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered Primal Pit Paste....I'm astounded by how well it works! I stay fresh all day! I bought the jar of lavender scent. It's a little weird to massage your pits every morning, but I decided to go glass jar instead of the plastic stick-form they offer. It's a bit pricey but 100% worth it.

Have you ever been to Is this a thing, and I've been living under a rock?! It's Organo heaven on the internet. Literally everything you need from groceries to home products to beauty products, baby products...and all products have to meet their standards for natural and eco-friendly living. I'm about to overhaul my makeup drawer on this site ASAP, for starters. Did I mention that it has EVERYTHING?

Speaking of great products, I finally found a natural hair conditioner I like. I use The Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash as my shampoo (and face wash with Clarisonic), but I hate to say the Honest conditioner is not great. I found this brand at Harris Teeter: Gud by Burts Bee's. No parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals or animal testing. And my strands feel awesome!

Lastly, let me share a little preview with you of a post I'm giddy to be working on. I interviewed two beautiful mamas - who happen to be dear friends - on cloth diapering. We had a blast getting the whole scoop and taking photos. Shawndaddy was sold- he wants to CD like now. This post is going to be so great - I can say that because the info they provided is seriously interesting, but the dish is lighthearted and fun.

These new mamas are just glowing.
Outtake: Our three babes are besties.

Enjoy your weekend Organofriends! If you see any cool nuggets next week, drop us a line and we may feature it next Friday!

*Note: all product reviews are unsponsored. We're not fameballs status yet - peeps aren't paying for our opinions. I'm not saying I couldn't be bought....I totally could.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf

I found this easy, delicious, leftover-friendly recipe while trolling the interwebs for paleo recipes. No, I'm not necessarily "going paleo", but lets just say I'm exploring. There's paleo, there's gluten-free, the Wheat Belly diet...all of these seem to be somewhat related, but I haven't figured out the nuances. Anyone else feel that way? Hey, there's an idea for my next post!

This recipe is courtesy of The Dedicated, originally courtesy of PaleOMG - both awesome sites. The chicken meatloaf turned out to be delicious - especially if you like spicy! It's the Frank's RedHot. You really can put that sh*t on everything!

The recipe is idiot-proof (as I am an idiot, and it came out okay). The leftovers were even better. And as the aforementioned websites mentioned, it is super filling. Like, more than you would expect - a small slice or two will do you.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Can We Talk Pork?

I bought Spanx last night.  I've also consumed some kind of pork six times in the last 72 hours.  Is there a correlation or did I just leave my jeans in the dryer for too long?  I'm going to go with the latter.  I also realized that I have a creepy amount of bacon pictures in my phone.  Bacon porn, perhaps?  No, I'm not in denial people.  If you tell me to "just stop eating so much bacon, fatty" I will probably backhand you with an extra crispy bacon strip.  I'm pretty sure Weight Watchers states that it equals "free points", right along with spinach, broccoli, and water.  No?  I'm officially off to crazy town?  Okay fine, maybe I'm in denial.  With that being said, I'm going to continue to stuff my face with this ridiculous meat candy, so something's got to give.  Oh, and the bacon roses?  I actually got those on Valentine's Day last year.  There's at least one guy out there that knows a way to a woman's heart is through cured meat!   

Let's talk pork.  I'm not down with turkey, tofu, or any other weird variation of this incredible meaty delight.  I want the REAL DEAL.  However, most varieties have their drawbacks.  I'm really not worried about the fat content, but rather the weird chemicals they add to keep it fresh.  After some major research, I started to get a little scurrrred.  One of my favorite websites,, posted an article stating that the chemicals added to processed pork products increase one's risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%.  EEEEK!  They lay down some pretty scary facts:

"We've known for years that sodium nitrite consumption leads to leukemia in children and brain tumors in infants," explained Adams. "Now we have a large-scale study of nearly 200,000 people that provides solid evidence of the link between processed meats and pancreatic cancer." The ingredient also promotes colorectal cancer as it passes through the digestive tract.

The USDA once tried to ban sodium nitrite, but was unsuccessful due to political influence and lobbying efforts of meat processing companies.

Say what?!?!  I'd like to enjoy a few (dozen) bacon strips without fear of dying!  But don't give up yet, bacon peeps!  I dug a little deeper and found out that nitrite-free meat is basically a bunch of BS.  Check this out: 

"When it comes to food, vegetables are the primary source of nitrites. On average, about 93% of nitrites we get from food come from vegetables. It may shock you to learn that one serving of arugula, two servings of butter lettuce, and four servings of celery or beets all have more nitrite than 467 hot dogs.  And your own saliva has more nitrites than all of them! So before you eliminate cured meats from your diet, you might want to address your celery intake. And try not to swallow so frequently.

All humor aside, there’s no reason to fear nitrites in your food, or saliva.  Even if nitrites were harmful, cured meats are not a significant source, as the USDA only allows 120 parts per million in hot dogs and bacon. Also, during the curing process, most of the nitrite forms nitric oxide, which binds to iron and gives hot dogs and bacon their characteristic pink color. Afterwards, the amount of nitrite left is only about 10 parts per million."

So, what's the verdict?  For every article bashing bacon, there were two backing it up.  Does it contain chemicals?  Yes.  Are the chemicals going to kill you?  Maybe...if you eat 87 strips a day like me.  Oops.  As with everything in life, moderation is key.  Enjoy that 'ish at a hungover Sunday brunch, then get back to the egg whites on Monday morning.  No biggie!  You can still enjoy a meaty Bloody Mary as long as you keep it in your 20%.  Hey!  Did you know they have bacon vodka?  Don't even get me started...