Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Newman's Own Organics

I'm here to declare my love for Newman's Own Organics. No, this is not a sponsored post - but it just occurred to me today how many of their products we use...and we find virtually each one to be the best in it's product category.

Maybe seeing anything Newman's is some Pavlovian response to the fact I grew up on Newman's Own salad dressing (didn't we all?), and the fact that my mom had/has an epic lifelong crush on Paul Newman.

Dang. He is pretty hot. Get after it Mom.
So Newman's Own Organics division was founded in 1993 by Nell Newman, Paul's Daughter, and became it's own company in 2001. I'm not joking when I say EVERY product I've tried is fabulous. I have found nearly all of these products at my local Harris Teeter, but you can find them by searching the interwebs as well.

Let's start with the EVOO. I've been known to agonize over the Olive Oil selection at the store. Should I get the bargain brand, or the uber-expensive one? If it's twenty bucks, it must be sooo much better, right? (I have no idea.) This one solves the problem for me. It's organic, super fruity, and only like twelve bucks. It's good enough quality to use raw as salad dressing with some balsamic and lemon, which is our go-to.

Dark chocolate is a legit staple in our house. We eat it seven out of seven nights after dinner. We literally view it as a health food and alternative to happy pills. There are a couple brands I like, but I have to say my fave is freakin Newman's!! I can only find this at Whole Foods in Charlotte, so I stock up like a mofo when I go.

Coffee...good, dark coffee. I cannot function without it. I'm sipping this very stuff as I write this post. It's strong and rich, and helps me form full sentences during the day.

Dog Food?! Can these talented bastards make everything? We switched our dog, Bacon, to this recently, and she LOVES it. I am actually working on a post about Organo dog food choices, as I've recently learned that regular dog food is appallingly gross. More on that to come, furmommys!!
A couple products we love from the regular, non-organic Newman's Own line:
Yes....we eat frozen pizza. Before our Organo days, we could have owned stock in DiGiorno. Now, we've switched to thin crust, and a somewhat healthier version: Newman's Own Supreme. The whole pizza has 980 calories, so if we each take down half a pizza it's under 500 cals. Not bad, in my book. Especially for supreme pizza, which includes sausage and (uncured) peperoni.
Last, but not least: WINE. Yes, they make wine....and it's really good. Well, we've only had the cabernet, but it was kind of perfect. It had body without being too big, appropriately fruity without going overboard...I think wine people call this "balance." If I recall, it was only like twelve bucks!
Okay I'm done with my creepy Newman's rant. One final nugget, though: when you buy these products, you are supporting the Newman's Own Foundation, which has donated over 350 million dollars to charitable causes over the years. That is always my justification for eating two pizzas in one weekend.
PS I swear this is an unsponsored post, but if I mysteriously received a case of Newman's wine, I wouldn't be too upset. Just sayin. 

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