Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Organo Roundup

Happy Labor Day Weekend organopeeps!!  I'm checking out for the next three days. How about you?  Here's our weekly organo(ish) roundup!! 

Let's talk eggs for a hot second.  I've eaten eggs for breakfast almost every morning for the last decade.  They happen to be my other creepy obsession, second to bacon.  But the incredible edible egg is NOT created equal.  Jon raises chickens so I've been feasting on freshly laid, free-range eggs lately, and I must say they are amazeballs.  So, are they really THAT much better, and better for you?  Here's a few little facts:
  • Studies show that eggs from pasture-fed-free-range hens contain one-third the cholesterol and one-fourth the saturated fat of "conventional" (AKA caged) eggs.
  • They have more vitamin A, E, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They have access to a more natural diet rather than simply chomping on chicken feed.  This benefit translates to healthier chickens, and more nutritious eggs.
I'm sold.  I recommend buying from a local farmers market but if you don't have access to one, my favorite brand is Organic Valley Cage-Free Eggs.

Lauren posted last week that she lost three pounds from cutting out a few hidden calorie bombs (frapps, a whole avocado everyday...etc).  I was inspired!!  I have my own vices too.  Lady likes her happy hours!  Also, I have a bad habit of eating late at night at work.  This is never good, as we only have pre-packaged snack foods.  So, for the last week or so I've cut out the booze, ate a larger but healthier dinner so I wouldn't be hungry at work, and fit in a little unintentional exercise (taking the stairs, walking on breaks).  The scale tells me I've lost two pounds.  I'll take it!  I can't make any promises this weekend.  I see a vodka and red bull in my near future.

We had the opportunity to guest post this week for the lovely ladies at I Don't Go To The Gym!  Check out our ridic summer smoothie recipe on their site here.  Ummm...this smoothie is seriously cray cray!  Hop on over and creep on their blog for a minute.  Seriously, these girls are hot and know how to work it in the kitchen. 

This is totally not organo but how cute is this cake?  I called the wonderful peeps at Piece of Cake in the Short North (downtown Columbus for all my locals) and asked them to make me a fishing-themed cake.  This is what I got.  Say whatttt?!?!?!  I was so impressed!  The bottom layer was vanilla bean with strawberry filling and the top was chocolate.  So. Effing. Good. 


That's it for now!  I'm headed up to the lake for the weekend.  What are your holiday weekend plans???


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