Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Organo Roundup

We're trying something new here at Organoblondes. I mean, it's not a new idea, per se...we totes stole it from every other blog. This is the first of our Friday Organo Roundups, where we'll highlight 5(ish) exciting nuggets we've done or seen during the week. Let's give this a whirl!

I finally tried making a batch of breakfast egg muffins...and I have to say they were quite successful. I made a crapload of them, froze some, and ate them all week (usually with avo and salsa). No particular recipe to reference here. Just grease a muffin pan - I used coconut oil - and drop in some chopped veggies and ham. Bacon would be delicious too. Duh. Pour in some beaten eggs and bake 20-25 mins. 2 muffins with avo and salsa made a pretty perfect breakfast, and saved me 15+ minutes in the morning making scrambled eggs.

This picture actually doesn't do it justice.

Let me shout this one from the rooftops: I FOUND A NATURAL DEODORANT THAT WORKS!!! After reading this Food Babe post about the whack and frankly dangerous ingredients in deodorant, I immediately bought some Tom's aluminum-free deod at Whole Foods. Only problem didn't work at all. Like...I smelled worse. My husband called me out on it, and a self pit-check confirmed I smelled like a dumpster dweller. I also tried Jason's, and same result. So I basically went back to Dove (eek) on the days I worked in the office, and used nothing or Tom's the days I worked at home. Sorry Shawn.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered Primal Pit Paste....I'm astounded by how well it works! I stay fresh all day! I bought the jar of lavender scent. It's a little weird to massage your pits every morning, but I decided to go glass jar instead of the plastic stick-form they offer. It's a bit pricey but 100% worth it.

Have you ever been to Is this a thing, and I've been living under a rock?! It's Organo heaven on the internet. Literally everything you need from groceries to home products to beauty products, baby products...and all products have to meet their standards for natural and eco-friendly living. I'm about to overhaul my makeup drawer on this site ASAP, for starters. Did I mention that it has EVERYTHING?

Speaking of great products, I finally found a natural hair conditioner I like. I use The Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash as my shampoo (and face wash with Clarisonic), but I hate to say the Honest conditioner is not great. I found this brand at Harris Teeter: Gud by Burts Bee's. No parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals or animal testing. And my strands feel awesome!

Lastly, let me share a little preview with you of a post I'm giddy to be working on. I interviewed two beautiful mamas - who happen to be dear friends - on cloth diapering. We had a blast getting the whole scoop and taking photos. Shawndaddy was sold- he wants to CD like now. This post is going to be so great - I can say that because the info they provided is seriously interesting, but the dish is lighthearted and fun.

These new mamas are just glowing.
Outtake: Our three babes are besties.

Enjoy your weekend Organofriends! If you see any cool nuggets next week, drop us a line and we may feature it next Friday!

*Note: all product reviews are unsponsored. We're not fameballs status yet - peeps aren't paying for our opinions. I'm not saying I couldn't be bought....I totally could.


  1. So the pit paste really works??? I've been stealing Verns old spice bc the Secret lasts like 2 hours :( would love something more natural that actually works! How do you apply it??

    1. It seriously works! I was amazed. Yes, ditch Vernon's Old's probably got whack aluminum and parabens. I just scoop some out of the jar and apply it with one finger (you only need a tiny bit). I was nervous that it was only deodorant, and not antiperspirant, but it works on that front too. They do have a stick you can apply like regular deodorant.