Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Denver: A Weekend in the Rockies

This weekend I jetted off to the Rockies to spend a few days with my good friend Molly.  This was my first trip to Denver in my adult life.  Plain and simple, this town rocked my socks off.

I got into town on Friday and was STARVING.  We headed straight to Ace for a cocktail and a few appetizers.  Ace is an Asian themed restaurant/bar/ping pong hall.  Who woulda thought?!  It's a great spot for after work cocktails as it has a huge outdoor patio.  Obvi I ordered an RBV (red bull vodka!) because I was a little jet lagged and needed an energy boost.  Molly recently returned from a two-week trip to Thailand, so she ordered a Singha, one of Thailand's local beers.  We decided on the crispy beef and crispy Brussels sprouts. See a theme here? I was on vacation so calories clearly don't count.  The crispy beef was fried and doused in honey and Thai chilies. AMAZE!  The Brussels sprouts were marinated in lime mayo and topped with mushrooms and sesame seeds.  Is this real life?!  I was in food heaven.  Afterwards, we stopped at a local dive bar and had a few more drinks before calling it a night.

Saturday we were a little hung, so we opted for a few cups of coffee and a stroll around town to get back in the game.  What I love most about Denver is how active everyone is.  I saw a group of 70'ish year old men biking around town and immediately felt bad about myself.  Girl needs to get to the gym!  Hundreds of people were walking, running, and biking all over town.  Working out is VERY trendy in Denver.  I love that!

After our fried fiasco the night before, we decided it was best to eat something light for lunch on Saturday.  Watercourse Foods is across the street from Molly's house and she had never tried it so we decided to be a little adventurous. Watercourse is a local, all vegetarian, mostly vegan restaurant.  First order of biz was an appetizer.  The whole "eating light" idea went out the window and we splurged on the vegetarian nachos.  They were your typical nachos topped with cheese, beans, salsa, and avocado.  Don't be fooled though, these weren't your Applebee's nachos!  Everything is so fresh and somehow they trick you into thinking it is healthy for you! I'll take it.  I then stuffed my face with sweet potato, black bean, and avocado tacos.  I'm not joking, I may go meat free on taco night from now on! 

organoblondes approved!

We stopped at Washington Park for a little day drinking after our meal.  I have never seen so many HOT young people in my life!  Hundreds of people were outside playing volleyball, corn hole, and simply enjoying the weather.  I was instantly super jeal that we have nothing like that in the buckeye state.

This guy is in heaven!

Molly knows my love for a good country song and my creepy obsession with cowboys, so she took me to the Grizzly Rose for drinks and two stepping on Saturday night.  There are actual real cowboys out in Colorado, so this place was pretty legit!!  Within 5 minutes of being there I somehow found myself dancing with a 60 year old man named Buck.  Hey, the man could dance!

Two stepping the night away!

We woke up at the crack of dawn Sunday and packed up our bags for a hike in the Rockies.  I had been looking forward to this all weekend.  I used to live in L.A. and would hike in the Hollywood Hills daily.  I miss the mountains desperately, so this was the highlight of the weekend.  We took her husky on a long hike out near Evergreen, then went out to the Red Rocks for some sight seeing.

Walker is ready to go!

Dayyyyyummmm! That view!

 That hike was no joke!  No wonder everyone is in shape out there.  If my ass doesn't look like Gisele's after that hike, there's no hope for me! 

Long story short, Denver has it ALL.  You can eat great food, burn off the cals in the mountains, head to a country saloon, or hang out in a swanky bar downtown.  The views are breathtaking and the people are all hot!!!  I mean, what else could you ask for?!  What are you favorite things about Colorado?  I'm clearly going to be back soon so let me know about your experiences from this amazeballs city!!


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