Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nashville: The Vegas of the South

As a self-described “girl about town”, I love all things food, wine, and travel related. My happiest moments include nights in a new city, a heavy glass of cab on a Sunday night, or a nice steak, always medium rare. I mean, let’s get real here, who doesn’t love a little boozy meat fest? I am a die hard carnivore through and through but can just as easily get down with some tofu goodness. I will never say no to a new dish or a new cocktail. Food and drink(s) truly are the spice of life. 

With that being said, I love documenting my travels.  My last trip took me to the lovely city of Nashville, TN.  Although I could go on and on about this city, I'll narrow it down to the five most amazeballs things about the Vegas of the South. 

1) Live Music

If you love live music, not just country music, then you NEED to pack up and head south (or north, east, or west...I don't know where ya'll live!  See what I did there? Already talking like a local).  Bars open and bands start playing at 11:00am.  What could be more heavenly than a mimosa and a hot Luke Bryan lookalike?  I stumbled upon the best live band I've ever seen at The Second Fiddle on the famous Broadway in downtown Nash.  SmokeNGuns literally rocked my world!  If you go to town and do not see them play, you are missing out on the true Nashville experience.  They played everything from Diamond Rio to TLC to Journey.  If you happen to come on a weekend that they do not play, which is rare, you can't go wrong with any live band in town.  I was in awe at the talent of the local artists.  If you'd like to play Where's Waldo...try to find me in the picture!

Hint: I'm surrounded by three hot cowboys!

2) Merchant's Steakhouse

Located in the heart of DT, this steakhouse far exceeded my expectations.  I grilled the server on who supplied their beef and he was happy to give me the rundown.  I was pleased to learn that they only buy locally and their supplier is Bear Creek Farm out of Franklin, TN.  After stalking their website, I absolutely love their story.  To top it off, they have my FAVORITE wine...Pinot Noir by Meomi.  SCORE!  Needless to say I was in a meaty boozy heaven.  Another honorable mention is Kayne Prime.  Don't even get me started on their maple cotton candy topped pork belly. 

That meat is just sexy.

3) Broadway

Broadway is the main drag in NashVegas.  This is literally a country playground!  The top three spots you have to hit are Tootsie's, Honkey Tonk, and The Stage.  Expect long lines and $10 drinks.  Who cares, baby?! You're on vacation!

Sunday Funday with my ladies at Tootsie's!

4) The Nashville Trifecta   

Nash is great for cowboy boot wearing, country loving people like me.  However, if that's not your cup of tea, don't write this town off!  "Midtown" is the part of town where the locals hang out.  It's filled with hipster bars and expensive cocktail joints.  Enjoy 2-for-1 mimosas and brunch at Tavern Midtown or sip martini's and drunkenly purchase $600 dresses at Kocktails and Kouture.  

Music Row is awesome for any lover of music.  Go to the Grand Ole Opry and check out some of the town's history.  While you're in the area, pop your collar, sip a Starbucks frap and take a little tour of Vanderbilt.

Broadway, as stated before, is in the center of it all.  Eat, drink, and sing along to some Hank Williams Jr. all night long!

5) Men

Let me reiterate. Men. Cowboy boots. Tight jeans. Cowboy hats. Unbuttoned tops.  I can't even breathe right now.

There you have it.  Get. To. This. Town. Now.


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