Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NurturMe: Dried Organic Baby Food

While Facebook stalking The Baby Grocery Store…I saw a post that made my eyes bug out (in a good way).

How fascinating is that? This product fits SO many of my needs: Convenient, organic baby food with max nutrient retention!

If you look at the organic baby food jars at the store, they typically contain one ingredient like “organic mangoes.” Obviously that is heads-and-shoulders above regular baby food, which contains preservatives, GMOs, and the like. However, how do you explain an organic baby food jar with a shelf life of a year or more?

Many brands of organic baby food are heat-treated to create a sterile environment in the jar or pouch, so that bacteria cannot survive. This is not ideal because this heating process blanches out all the yummy nutrients that your little angel babe wants in his belly!

NurturMe seems to answer all these concerns. Even more awesome, you can mix the powders with big-kid food to sneak in nutrients. Amazeballs, right?

As of today, I’m making all of Dylan’s baby food at home. However, if I got into a pinch and ran out, I would love to have some of these on hand.

I just ordered the bananas, carrots and quinoa. Baby quinoa…gah! Dying.  Order on, and use promo code NMSUPERFOOD to get 15% off. I'll report back after test-driving.

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