Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear KRAFT: I Hate Your Guts

Hey Kraft...I think you need to go pound salt.  Why, you ask?  While the GMO-filled science experiments that you like to call food generally are reason enough to make me see red, your most recent advertising gimmick takes the cake.  Speaking of cake...check out the ingredients in the brand's Jello-O, Cool Whip, and Jet Puffed Marshmallows. SICK.  I just vommed up my spinach smoothie.  I digress.

I read an article the other day written by one of our favorite bloggers, The Food Babe, who also shares our distaste for certain elements of Kraft.  She wrote an article on GMO's lurking in their mac & cheese so I immediately started stalking Kraft's website and other sites to get more information on the creepyballs ingredients in the rest of their products.  While doing my research, I came across their newest marketing scheme.

Kraft has come up with the "County Time Great American Lemonade Stand-tacular."  Basically, parents are urged to enter their kids into Kraft's contest for the ultimate lemonade stand, and Kraft will donate $5 for every entry to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for child cancer research.  Check out the details here.  Decent enough idea, right?  There's just one little problem here.  County Time lemonade is creepy chemical water, and promoting your kids to not only drink it but sell it is disgusting!  So, let me get this right.  You want kids to drink chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, and processed food dyes, but then want to donate to cancer research?  Really, Kraft?  What ever happened to lemons being in lemonade? If I'm not mistaken, it can be made with water, LEMONS, and good old fashioned sugar.

So, when life gives you lemons...take out the lemons and add maltodextrin, sodium acid pyrophosphate, magnesium oxide, calcium fumarate, soy lecithin, artificial color, yellow 5 Lake, and tocopherol?  YUM!


 Unfortunately, we live in a society that values convenience over health.  Is it easier to dump chemically bombed "lemonade" powder into some water and call it a day?  Probably.  Are those few minutes saved really worth it?  I sure wouldn't want to deal with that little lady above.  That's just scaryballs.

Ditch the fake stuff and make some DIY lemonade next time.  Ain't nothin' like the real thang!  Here is a VERY simple recipe:

8 cups of water
1 1/2 cups of lemon juice
1 3/4 cups of white sugar

*I like to add honey too.  I don't measure.  I just pour, taste, and add more if necessary*


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