Saturday, June 8, 2013

What do you DO with a baby all day?

Before having a kid, I often wondered....exactly what do you do with a baby all day long? I mean, I know they eat, poop, sleep, and cry...what happens in between? For hours on end?!

Today I took care of Dylan all by myself for the first time. I know that sounds crazy, at eight months old. But really, I've never been solely responsible for her from sun up to sun down. Even on maternity leave, Shawn came home each night, and friends and family were always stopping by. Shawn is away having a boys poker weekend, which is much deserved...and I do relish this precious mommy-daughter time, especially since I'm going out of town myself tomorrow for four days. But dang, yo...mommy be TIRED! All the single moms out there, I give you more respect than I can put into words, seriously.

To give you some color, this is what went down much crap. She rode in three different strollers. Whaa??

1. Wake up to Dylan babbling at 6:15 AM. Change her and give her a bottle.
2. Block her into the family room and make my fave breakfast: egg sandwich with cheddar, avocado, tomato on an English muffin.
3. Pack her in the jogging stroller and take Bacon on a walk.
4. Play on the floor, watch TV, read books.
5. Feed Dylan pears.

Bacon > Pears

6. Put Dylan down for a nap around 9:30 AM.
7. Take a shower and fold laundry while Dylan sleeps.
8. Dylan wakes up crying at 10:30. Give her a bottle.
9. Finish my hair and makeup while Dylan plays on the bathroom floor.
10. Pack everything up (baby bag, umbrella stroller) to go out to lunch.
11. Meet a great friend and her gorgeous baby for lunch at Just Fresh. Enjoy a delish Raspberry Fields salad.
12. Spend about an hour doing an undisclosed fun activity with my friend and our babies (I may blog about it later). Dylan melts down in public, so we dip out earlier than planned.
13. Walk over to Cold Stone Creamery and get down on my #1 craving from the preggo days: Cookie Doughn't You Want It. So much for Organo. Oops.
14. Wait outside for about 10 minutes in the shade while my all-black car cools down.

15. Come home, and put a still-asleep Dylan on the floor in her carseat. Mommy sneaks in a 15 minute nap too.
16. Dylan wakes up crying, feed her a bottle at 3:15. Play some more.
17. Feed Dylan acorn squash.
18. Pack Dylan back up and go to DSW. She's asleep in the carseat upon arrival, so I click her in the snap-n-go (stroller #3 for the day). Buy some rad new workout kicks, and some simple but necessary peep toe wedges to replace my busted work pumps.

19. Walk next door into Buy Buy Baby, and randomly buy some Plum Organics Spinach-Peas-Pears pouches, BabyGanics Moisture Therapy body wash, and these SICK baby knee pads by Tee-Knees!!!
20. Come home and immediately strap on sweet knee pads. Giddily watch Dylan crawl all over the house.

21. Feed Dylan an avocado-banana mashup.
22. Eat the remaining avocado and banana for dinner (planning to snack more later).
23. Strap Dylan and Bacon up and take them on a walk.
24. Give Dylan the world's quickest bath with the BabyGanics. Lather her up with Honest Company lotion.
25. Put Dylan in her PJ's, feed her a bottle, and rock her to half-asleep. Toss her in the crib.

26. Pour a glass of wine.
27. Clean up the house, as it looks like a tornado came through (see before and after).


28. Spend about an hour making the hubby some homemade chicken salad and southwestern quinoa for his return tomorrow. Without me, he subsists on frozen pizza alone, so I thought I'd save him from this fate while I'm traveling next week. Re-clean kitchen from cooking extravaganza.

29. Crack a beer
30. Turn on Sex and the City rerun and write this post. was the busiest day of my life. I'm dead. How does this rundown make you feel...for those without kids, is this total birth control? My Saturdays used to be spent on the couch housing Dijourno and popping Advil while watching movies on demand. Or boozing at the pool. How about you moms with multiple kids...are you thinking this is straight up amateur hour? How do you do it?! Dylan is even a pretty "easy" baby...though she is teething and crawling now, so the tides are starting to turn.

Anyways, I guess I want a gold medal for taking care of my own kid for one day, which makes me a total bozo. I know. But was a pretty freaking awesome day.

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  1. How awesome! And that chicken salad was pretty dank!